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Time tracking software for Windows. For the self-employed and for small businesses.

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TimePanic installs on Windows. There is also a portable edition designed to be started from USB drives, and a freeware edition. The portable edition has some technical limitations, the freeware edition comes with fewer features.

Operating systems: Windows only
        Languages: English, German & French
         Editions: Commercial & Freeware

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TimePanic is try-before-you-buy software and offers a free 30 days evaluation period. After that period, you must purchase a license key to unlock the software.

 Version: 5.2
    Date: Apr 06, 2021
Language: English
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TimePanic is licensed on a per user basis. There is no subscription, the license is perpetual. Payments are processed by MyCommerce, a Digital River Company.

License price: €39.00
 Trial period: 30 days
License model: per user, no subscription



Upgrading from version 4.6 or earlier to version 5.0 or later requires an extra license. All other upgrades are free of charge.

Upgrade Version: 5.X
  Upgrade price: €19.99


If you cannot find an answer to your question in the documentation provided with the software, feel free to send an email to the author.

  Author: Lionel Spohr
Location: Munich / Germany
   Email: lionel.spohr@timepanic.com
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